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*The Hiroshima Disaster*

The Blazing Light
The Aftermath
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Hiroshima is a disaster that occured August 6, 1945. This tragedy was by far the most shoking that year, and many years after. The many people who had died, left behind the same amount of lovers and friends, shocked and devastated after hearing the news. This event had alarmed not only the citizens of Hiroshima City, but the world surrounding it. If you want to know more details, take a look at my instructive website!

My site will provide you with an article discribing the terrifying tragedy, from the flashing radiance to the broken hearts. A picture gallery to help understand how serious the Hiroshima Disaster truely was, by showing some visual discriptions of everything that occured that very day. And of course a works cited page, listing the sources used to write my article, along with a few recommended sites for further information. Enjoy!


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