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*The Blazing Light*

The Blazing Light
The Aftermath
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Hiroshima-Far More Than A City Name
"A" Bomb Sends Japanese City Into Flames

A Disaster Beyond Repair

By: Samah Basith

            August 6, 1945


At about 8:15am in Hiroshima, Japan, the city was loud and bustling with workers and people both young and old. But without warning, while people had started to stroll off to work and school; there was a sudden flashing radiance, blinding nearly every individual, high in the clear sky. This was accompanied by a quake, a shudder so powerful, so terrifying, many trembled, losing their balance and stumbling, their skulls contacting the rough ground. A blazing heat struck the city, a scorching chemical that burned the flesh right off of bodies. Once someone was hit by this wave, their survival was slim. Nothing was left of what had once been a brother, a sister, a mother, or a father. Only ashen shadows were left where some stood, with no trace of bones, teeth, or clothing. Outlines on the ground, bodies missing, as is completely vanished/ The clocks of the largest city of Japan were frozen at this historic moment… 8:16 am.

The Mushroom Cloud